A Box of Knitting

6:05 PM

My parents have gotten the de-clutter bug.  They are also finishing the laundry room in the basement. The laundry room is also a storage room.  Some of the "stuff" is staying put, some is going to the thrift store and most of it is being divided between my brother and myself.

I just received a box of "knitting & crocheting."   In this box was some needles and hooks, green acrylic yarn, some lovely 1980's knit pattern fliers and magazines, some grey Icelandic wool yarn.  And the back of sweater my mom started knitting for my dad 20 some years ago with said green acrylic yarn.

Gosh aren't those patterns "lovely"?  I'm not sure what to do with most of the stuff in the box.   I'm thinking I will frog the sweater and use the yarn in the "crappy scrappy squares blanket."  The blanket is made with all icky acrylic yarn so it would fit right in!  It's amazing really what they've done with acrylic yarn in 20 some years.  It's much softer these days.

I'm not sure what to do with the patterns or the wool yarn.  Donate it to the thrift store?  Toss it?  Put it back in the box?  I've been meaning to get a nice glass jar to put my straight needles in anyway, so those I'll keep as well.

If you've any ideas I'd be happy to hear them.

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  1. Don't toss the yarn or patterns! The thrift store is a great option for those. There are crafters who will think it is Christmas when they discover them.

  2. well, you could donate the yarn to a senior center or a children's school. They love stuff like that and would us it!

  3. i know this will be hard to believe, but in the early 90s I got rid of ALL my yarn.....every bit of it. The better stuff I gave to a knitting friend, but most of it went to a senior center and they LOVED it!!!!

  4. I like Karen's idea - lots of places would happily take it as a donation I'm sure :)


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