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6:00 AM

I seem to have had a bit of a lapse in blogging.  I'm not sure where the time went, except I spent way too much of it at work and away from my family.  And now I find that it is time for the yarn along again.  Do I have much to show for my time away?  No.   But I am joining again with Ginny and everyone to share books and yarn.  I have worked on three projects in the last couple of weeks... Hitofude, the woven scarf, and a scrappy blanket project that comes out of hiding every couple of months.

I have started Hitofude three times.  I'm not starting again.  However, my yarn overs are not looking right to me.  Maybe when I block it they will look ok.  I am figuring that if I keep it consistent then it won't look so wrong?!  The only row where the YO's look right is on row 1 of each repeat and I haven't figured what I'm doing wrong.

I am now on book nine of  William Kent Krueger's Corcoran O'Connor series. He writes murder/ suspense novels that take place in the Iron Range/Boundary Water area of Northern Minnesota.  I read book eleven out of order and then gave it to my friend to read.  Her mom is from that area and that has begun our quest to read all of the books in order.

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!

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  1. I may have to read that series! Blocking really helps my patterns look better. Best of luck!


I love your comments. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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