Random Thoughts on Thursday

6:00 AM

* The temperatures this past Monday were in the 70's!  CRAZY!  We spent the afternoon at the park with some friends.  At one point, C took her shoes off (because her feet were hot...) and was playing on the wooden play structure.  It is an older park so said wooden structure is not in pristine condition.  We have removed approximately eight splinters from her feet and she has about ten or so to go.  I can not describe how difficult it is to remove them.  I also can't explain to her that they will hurt worse in her feet than they will for me to pull them out.

* Yesterday Buffett had surgery to remove a mass from the back of his neck and a tooth extraction.  He was scheduled for the 25th, but the mass ruptured and was very much an oozing mess.  Luckily the vet had a cancellation and we were able to get him in.  The mass was sent to CSU for biopsy and we'll know the results in 5-7 days.  He is currently resting comfortably.  OK, who am I kidding?  He is drugged up!

Buffet (last summer) after a grooming
* I have been getting a gazillion junk emails every day.  The last week of January, I did a 3 day trip for work.  I never take my lap top and didn't get around to checking emails on my ipad.  I came hope to 567 email messages.  Most of which I deleted.  So I started a quest to unsubscribe to all that crap.  It may take me forever and it might not work.  But I'm going to try!  

Happy Thursday my friends! 

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  1. it will work :) I unsubscribed from many that I have subscribed to. Do not unsubscribed from spam, that will lead to more spam.

    I hope your dog is okay and the results are negative!

  2. I used to hate those wooden play sets. They have actually gotten rid of all of them over here - now that my daughter is almost 20! I hope your sweet puppy dog gets a clean bill of health.


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