Random Thoughts on Thursday

6:00 AM

*  I want to introduce you to a new blogger.  About a month ago, Lauretta, my good friend from work decided to start a blog.  Please drop on by Bless Your Heart to read her first post about a trip to Jordan and the good samaritan she met there.

*  We've had a rough Chicken month here.  Did I tell you that we lost Grace?  Yep.  Another victim of the hot nesting box.  Gracie was Corrine's favorite chicken.  We have since ventilated the box and have a small fan in there to help circulate the air.  

Corrine and I went to small farm north of Denver to buy some new pullets.  I let C pick our new ladies.  I wanted some older ladies, but C picked two 11 week old Easter Eggers.  The grey one is Grace 2 and the white one is Janis.  
We had them home for two days when I noticed that Janis was walking like she was drunk.  Then the next day she couldn't even stand up.  I called the farm to talk with the owner.  She said to return Janis and exchange her for another bird.  She thought it might be Marek's Disease.  Marek's Disease is a contagious, viral disease that can be fatal.  Now my ladies have been exposed and there is really no way to eradicate it from the chicken run.  So I am just watching and waiting.  So far so good.  But really it's super frustrating.  

This past weekend though, we thought we lost Grace 2.  Saturday was the first day I let them out of their little chicken box to roam the chicken run.  Mid day on Saturday we could only find Janis.  Cue the panic attack!  I  was wondering who was going to have to break the news to C.   Twenty minutes later we found Grace.  She was roosting near the top of the bush in the chicken run!  I am about over all of the chicken drama!

Happy Thursday my friends!

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  1. What a wonderful first post on your friend's blog. Hope the chickens turn out to be ok and none of the others catch it.

  2. Oh no, I am so sorry for the chicken loss, I lost one last week too, I think to old age [she was about 10]. I also lost a duck, Spenser, a few weeks ago. The one part of owning life critters that I don' t like.
    I will pop over and say hi to your friend, such great news to have a new blogger,
    Happy weekend

  3. golly! I didn't know chickens could be so stressful. I hope and pray that your chickens do not get that viral disease. Gosh!


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