Random Thoughts on Thursday

3:04 AM

* I signed up for an online blogging class called Blogging on Your Own Terms.  One of the assignments last week was about color.  I updated the colors on my blog and liked how it looked.  I have been thinking about downloading a new template to use and thought I found one I like.  Yesterday I downloaded it and did not, in fact, like it.  At all.  But then my layout was all messed up and I couldn't remember what my template and colors looked like.  Be patient.  I'm still playing with it and I'm a little on the frustrated side.

* We have a type of garden spider on the motion lights on our garage.  I've tried to take pictures of it, because it is really cool, but so far have been unsuccessful.  I googled garden spiders and very quickly got the heeby jeepies.  I am unable to identify the type of spider.  Last Friday night we watched as a moth got stuck in the web and the spider raced across the web to get it.  Miss C was fascinated by it.  And while I give it a healthy respect I do like watching it!  He has had to rebuild his web almost daily and we've enjoyed seeing a new web every morning!

Happy Thursday my friends.

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  1. Your course sounds interesting. Since I set up my blog and I am overall happy with it, I am a bit too scared to change anything in case I can't fix it! I thought I was amazingly tech saving when I managed to insert an automatic signature! I wouldn't want to push my luck here. Have fun playing with it.

  2. Blogging does take some work doesn't it! I hope you fix it to your liking :)


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