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6:00 AM

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly yarn along.  I am joining with Ginny and everyone to share yarn and books!  Slow and steady.  That is how my Hitofude is coming along.  I am on chart C.  There is also a chart D and a chart E.  My goal now is to finish and block this lovely sweater and take it with me to Rhinebeck.  Yesterday one of the mamas at crafting asked me if I had a warm shirt to wear it with since she thought it might be cold.  I told her "no" as I was thinking it was going to be a lovely autumn weekend.  Believe me I'll be watching the weather closely as departure time approaches!
While we were at the library last week Miss C latched onto a book called Texts from Mittens.  I think she liked it because it had a cat on the front cover.  The book is texts between Mittens and his human.  It's pretty funny.  The author definitely knows cats and how they think.  We are reading a couple of pages of texts at bedtime.  Sometimes I am laughing so hard it hards to continue... 

Mittens: Phil (the dog) drooled all over Mr. Fuzzy.
Mom: I'll wash your blanket tonight.
Mittens: But I can't knead on him when he's wet.
Mom: i"ll be home soon.
Mittens: I can't wait.
Mom: You're awfully Kneady Mittens. LOL!
Mittens: You're a horrible person.

That just struck my funny bone.  

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday.  

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  1. LOVE your hitofude!!! simply gorgeous and I hope you meet your goal :)

  2. I am your cheerleader and have all the faith in the world that you will be wearing your cardigan for Rhinebeck. I just heard that today NY is having a heat wave, they are hotter than I am!
    I love children's books that make me laugh. My daughter Erin and Emerson were reading the Bad Kitty books and loved them; Erin said they made her laugh.

  3. You can never plan for Rhinebeck. It could be freezing - it could be warm. You never know! I have a sweater in case it's cold and a vest in case it's nice. And I booked my bus ticket and am ready to go. I'll message you on Ravelry so we can make a plan to meet up!

  4. I hope you have a terrific time in Rhinebeck, and that you'll be enjoying your newly knitted sweater. :^)

  5. Your hitofude is knitting up beautifully!! I finished mine but I haven't had a chance to take a photo of it finished yet!

  6. Gorgeous Hitofude!! Wow! I love the color and can't wait until mine is at that point! I hope you get yours done in time, I would so love to go to Rhinebeck someday! Dream come true! The smoke was terrrrible here for days but is much better now. I am so sorry your husband is sick!

  7. Your Hitofude is gorgeous - hope you get it done in time. That book does look hilarious.

  8. Your Hitofude is gorgeous - hope you get it done in time. That book does look hilarious.

  9. Mmm, your hitofude is glorious, love the colour.

  10. great sweater! And that book...what a HOOT! I have a friend who is 2 cats shy of the crazy designation! I should get her this book, but I'll have to read it first!!


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