Canine Blood Donors

10:29 AM

Our boys are blood donors.  Nope, not kids.  Our dogs.  Yep.  That's right.  They donate blood at the vets office.  To qualify they must-
*weigh over 55 pounds-  Henley is a Newfoundland so he definitely weighs over 55 pounds.  Buffett is our small dog, he's a Newf/Border Collie mix (we think) and he weighs in at 55 pounds.
*be between one and six years old
*be friendly
*in good health.

Henley has been donating since he was a puppy and Buffett has only been donating for a year.   They can donate six times a year and for each donation they get a credit.  When it comes time to their annual check up we can use those credits to help pay for their vet bill.  It's a win-win situation for all.

After their donation they get a nail trim and a treat.  And as a thank you they get a small to go bag of biscuits.  The last time they donated they each got a thank you card.  That's how we found out that Henley has saved 27 lives and Buffett has saved 10 lives!

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  1. That's awesome! I didn't know that dogs could give blood. Good on Henley and Buffett!! fine looking dogs and lifesavers too. What breeds are they?

    1. The big dog is Newfoundland and the smaller dog is a Newfoundland and Border Collie mix.


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