Techincal Difficulties

2:58 PM

I've been having techinical difficulites with the wireless modem at our house.  I first noticed it back in July when it seemed to take forever to load certain web pages.  Facebook, for example, could take up to five mintues to fully load the log in page.  I would enter a website and then go do something else in the house and come back a few minutes later.  I'm on my computer more than hubby is on his because I'm home more.  He said his speed was fine and that is must be my ancient iBook G4. 

I fully believe it until the beginning of August when I took my computer on the road with me to do some on line training for work.  The second I signed in to the Hyatt wireless every pages I visited loaded in seconds. I was able to surf to my hearts content.  That clued me in that it was not my computer.  I got around to calling Century Link (Qwest) for some help.  The very nice lady fiddled with a few settings, I fiddled with some web pages and we declared it a fix.  I enjoyed some faster speeds than I had been used to (although not lightening fast) and had some quality computer time. 

When we returned from Europe, I noticed the speeds had again dropped to less than dial up fast.  So I called again and spoke to a not very nice, condescending, jerk of a customer service rep.  He did not help me and basically told me that it was a my problem and not theirs. 

Bryan finally had some work to do on his computer that required him to sit there and he realized it was going slowly.  He called Century Link on Monday.  The tech agent called me and we reset some settings.  Turns out our modem is bad.  My inside voice said some not very nice things (since I've been dealing with this for months) and my outside voice said "thank you very much for helping me get to the bottom of this." 

Hopefully our new modem has arrive and is set up. 

The post coming to you from the computer in the lobby of the Milwaukee Sheraton. 

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  1. How frustrating! I'm glad you've got it all sorted now!

  2. Oh yes, Century Link, my provider too, and we have also had a few 'words'! Glad your new modem is going to take care of the problem.

  3. Oh wow! I used to have a iBook G4 too! I loved that computer, it was so reliable that it would have surprised me if it was the problem rather than the modem. Apple just doesn't make computers like that anymore. My parents actually have Century Link (AT&T sold their account to Century without permission) and I can definitely agree from experience that they have awful customer service

  4. I hope the new modem does the trick. I get very cranky when the internet is not behaving, or the DSL. I'm seriously considering switching our land line to internet phone because of their outrageous pricing!!!


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