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It's Wednesday and that means it's time for the weekly yarn along.  Books and knitting, two of my favorite things.  I've been working on my Summit wrap that I'm making for a Christmas present.  But I also started the Sweet Memories Cowl designed by Jacinta over at Embracing It All.  A good friend had her birthday at the beginning of October.  About the middle of October I decided that an easy knit giftie was in order.  This weekend I finally got around to casting on the cowl with some soft stash yarn.  However, I'm not knitting as fast as I thought I would.

I'm reading Devil's Highway.  A friend read the book and gave it to me and it's been in my pile of books for ages.  It is follows a group of men from Mexico who pay money to a coyote to smuggle them across the border in Arizona.  All of them are looking to make money to send it back to their families in Mexico.  From what I've read, they were looking for money, not to stay in the United States.  They all had plans to go home to their families.  Basically the guide gets lost and most of the men die of heat stroke.  The author pieces the story together from border patrol reports, survivor interviews, family stories and legal reports from INS.  It's actually a pretty fascinating read.

I'm also in need of some help.  A good friend is having a baby in April and I'd like to knit a baby present.  I usually make blankets.  But after having a baby and being inundated with blankets I think I'd like to branch out.  What are your favorite knitted baby gifts?

Thank you.  Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!

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  1. I love the color you picked for the cowl! I do that with gifts all the time. I figure better late then never!!

  2. A young man that grew up with my son's and his wife are having their first baby in April and I have plans to knit
    I would like to add a little hat too, and I really like the pattern Ginny designed,

  3. I love making the bonnet from Vintage Knits for Modern Babies - that book is filled with so many great patterns and I rarely purchase a knitting book.

  4. EZ Two needle sweater top down, I've made three I think. If its a girl the whirligig sweater, I've made one. Love the color of your yarn :)

  5. Baby gifts - I owe one to a friend and I'm still trying to decide what I want to make. I hear the EZ Baby Surprise sweater is not only a quick knit, but very versatile. That along with a pair of booties might be nice.

  6. Sounds like a neat book! I love making sleep sacks for new babies - and my favorite baby sweater is Baby Sophisticate, which is free on ravelry. Can't wait to see what you decide on!

  7. inundated with blankets?! WOW you lucky thing! I love baby sets, cardigan, hats, booties and maybe even some knitted pants, so totally useful and you can never have enough!

  8. This does sound like a good read. Love your profile doing all kinds of things all the time.

    I have never knitted any baby gifts but there are few things I've seen for babies on soulemama's blog cardigans, knitted pants or knitted sack they look like pants but just one piece to keep the baby snuggly.

  9. Don't worry about how slowly you are knitting, just enjoy it! Your friend probably doesn't really care when she receives it. As for baby knits, cardigans are so much fun! It's like knitting a regular cardigan but all the steps happen very close together so there isn't much plain stockinette and it is finished very quickly.

  10. I'm so excited that you are knitting the cowl! Love the colour you have chosen. As for patterns for baby girls, The baby Kina pattern looks very pretty: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/baby-kina-short-long-sleeved-version
    The pebble vest is very cute too, I've made it many times: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/pebble-henrys-manly-cobblestone-inspired-baby-vest
    I have also got a pattern for little knitted Mary-Jane's in my ravelry favourites which look so cute:
    Ahhh, there are so many cute things. Good luck choosing something. Jacinta


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