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5:30 AM

It's Wednesday and that means it's time again for the weekly yarn along.  I look forward to Wednesdays to see what every is knitting and reading.  Besides it keeps me on task with my own projects.

Books and knitting.  Two of my most favorite things!  This past week I checked out two books at the library even though I was already reading two books.  New library books trump the "already sitting on a shelf forever books that looked good at the time."  I read Debbie Macombers new book, the Inn at Rose Harbor.  A nice easy read, but a good escape.  I feel like the characters in her books are my friends and I'm anxious to find out what happens next.   This week I checked out the Roots of the Olive Tree.  I read about this book from Cassie.  It was written by a friend of hers.  I haven't started it yet, it's in my tote bag for work tomorrow.

This past week I also started the shawl for my sister in law for Christmas.   Once I got in the rhythm of the pattern it was easy enough.  It was getting to that point that I found difficult.  Thank goodness for you tube!  
I also worked a bit on my log cabin blanket.  I need to go through my tub of scrap yarn to find some more colors for the blanket.  I'm on color block 14 of 22 and I'd like to make it all the way without duplicating colors.  I'm not sure if that is possible or not.  

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!  

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  1. You've started the project for your sister, wonderful! It looks like it is really coming along!

  2. That scarf is a very interesting pattern! I love how wispy it looks. Can't wait to see what you think of the book, I'd pick it for the book cover :)

  3. I love YouTube and wonder how we ever got along without it. That is a lovely scarf, lucky sister inlaw!

  4. Amen, sister!

    YouTube has been very helpful in learning new techniques.

  5. i love youtube for knittery help as well, look forward to seeing how it comes out!

  6. YouTube is such a lifesaver for tricky patterns, especially for visual learners like me! It looks like a beautiful start to your shawl. I'm glad I stopped by from the Yarn Along -- happy knitting!

  7. Love the pink yarn...can't wait to see the finished scarf..



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