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I've been perusing Ravelry again and have several sweaters in my queue.  I'd like to start one of them for myself after the holidays.  I've never knit myself a sweater and I'd say it high time I do so.  The one I'd like to make is called Sylvi.  It's really more of a sweater jacket that I would wear outside in the fall or spring.  Or on the unseasonably warm winter days.   It calls for bulky yarn.

 I've recently logged onto Webs to looks at yarn.  I'm not sure I can buy yarn on the internet.  I like to touch it first.  My dilemma is yarn budget is not huge.  The yarn I like and I think would make a spectacular jacket is Malabrigo Chunky in the color lettuce.  But if I buy it, it would cost me over $200 to make this jacket because there are only 104 yards per skein and I would need 17 skeins.  Yikes.  (I could probably get by with 16, but I'd like to play it safe).  And with buttons and the circulars size I'd need, would be closer to $250.  I know you would probably pay that in the store for a similar jacket.

I've also found some Cascade Soft Spun that is 100% Peruvian wool.  It's a heavy worsted.  It would cost about $60.00.  There are 197 yards per skein.  I'm also sure I could go to the local JoAnn Fabric and find some Lion Brand chunky in a wool/acrylic blend for less money and more yardage.

I've got time to figure it out.   I've got more projects going now than I've ever had at one time.  But I'm curious.  How do you buy yarn?  On the internet or at your LYS.  Is cost an issue?  How about yarn content?  What are you looking for when you buy yarn?

Thanks for your help.  You know I appreciate it!

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  1. I am sad to say that price does factor in when I consider buying yarn. We are a family with only one income and that income is from self employment so I am always on a budget.
    I do like to shop at my LYS whenever possible, I want her to stay in business, and have found some very reasonable priced yarns there. I have also ordered from, loved their prices and fast shipment. My favorite yarn so far is Quince & Co. and while they may seem high for the yardage you receive they aren't bad, although to order from them I have to save up a little.
    I love the Sylvi and added it to my favorites, I want one too! :)

  2. I buy yarn. There I said it. Now if you want to control price Knit Picks has affordable yarn. I also would recommend because of the discounts as well as webs. If you knit with thinner yarn it is cheaper. I tend to like that. Cascade 220 is a good basic wool.

    Now to your dilemma in order to substitute go by the stitches per inch. And maybe you can swap. I love Malabrigo for hats and scarves but for a sweater it can pill like the devil (in my opinion).

    Sometimes you just have to go to the yarn stores feel the yarn then go back to the online stores and get the lowest prices. Also check out they have rewards when you buy yarn.

    I also read what knitters have commented on the yarns on the yarn pages. Good luck! pm me if you want to ask me anything.

  3. I second the idea to take a look at Knit Picks, they are a more thrifty option. But Webs has some of the best selection, amazing people, and I think that you might qualify for the second level discount. I really love the pattern you picked out and I can think of some pros and cons for spending more on yarn. It is a big project and your first sweater (Yay!), so you may want something that you absolutely love to wear made out of the perfect yarn. On the downside, the expense can be a problem especially if you are more excited about the process than the finished product like me.

  4. I just ordered a few skeins from Knit Picks for the first time, anxiously awaiting their arrival. Normally I buy yarn at my favorite yarn shop in town, but sometimes it's fun to buy some from other sources. I also agree with Pumpkin, weighing price to process versus product.


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