Happy Christmas!

4:19 PM

Christmas Eve day was oddly calm.  Bryan worked.  Corrine played and napped.  I wrapped the last minute gifts, baked for the Christmas Eve dinner and was even able to steal an hour to knit.  Christmas eve is always at my aunts house.  We started a white elephant exchange a few years back which makes the gift giving a hoot.  (This year I ended up with a yogurt maker which I'm excited about!).  Mrs. Claus always makes a visit.  It's always a low key night with family.

Christmas Day was chaotic and stressful.  Don't get me wrong, it was a good day to spend with family and friends, but I felt as if we were rushing from house to house to visit with everyone in a single day.  Very tiring.

We woke to a cold and snow filled day!  We opened presents at our house then rushed to get ready to head to my parents house (they live super close).  We had breakfast there and then opened presents.  The G's gave Corrine a baby doll.  My mom refinished the cradle that was mine when I was little.  She also re-did the fabric pad to it.  They had to buy a matching high chair because mine was loaned out ages ago and never returned.  Thank goodness for Ebay!
We rushed from The G's to head up to the mountains to Bryan's dad's house for Christmas dinner.  Luckily it was an hour and half drive because that was all the nap Corrine was to get.  Dinner and presents there.  Then just down the street to visit my bestie and her fam.  On our way home we stopped to visit good friends who are basically extended family.  Four different families in one day was a little too much.  I think in the future our house will be the base of operations and the peeps can come visit us!   Our house looks like a tornado hit it.  There are gift bags and paper everywhere.   I know that is pretty typical of Christmas with kids and if I was at home I'm sure I wouldn't have minded.  But I hated to be gone all day and come home to that.

I certainly enjoyed spending the two days with family and friends.  And I don't think Corrine was overwhelmed by all of the festivities nor was she inundated with presents.  I hope your holiday was as fun filled and generous as ours and that your day was filled with the love of family and friends!

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  1. love the photo of the baby doll and crib :) I think that present is a big hit!! I think it's wonderful you went out and about to visit family and friends :)

  2. Oh you are so lucky to have had a white christmas! I love the photo of the gift opening carnage, when I was younger it looked a lot like that. You are going to have a blast with the yogurt maker, my mother is really into it and enjoyed finding the perfect recipe.

    1. It's a good thing we like yogurt. I can see lots of experimenting! I may hit you up later for your mom's recipe.

  3. What a wonderful gift!!! Ah the hectic busy wonderful Christmas days. This year we tried to keep it a little simpler then in the past. The past few years we've slept over my parents house Christmas Eve; woke up & opened all our gifts there; jumped in the car just before Noon to go an hour to my sister-in-laws-for dinner & quick open gifts; jump back in the car just before 4 to drive 45 minutes to my sister's to open gifts. I got sick every single year the day after Christmas. I think from the crazyness of planning all those trips & being so busy. This year we celebrated with my sister a few days before Christmas. Once we got to my sister-in-laws for dinner (who moved dinner farther in the day rather then eating earlier) we could just chill & relax the rest of the day. Made it much more enjoyable! And no sign of sickness yet either!

    1. Yeah, your past Christmases sound like the one we just had. I'm sure as she gets older she'd rather just stay home and play with her toys. It's about family, not the day it's celebrated on.


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