On Time? Or Mommy Time?

6:00 AM

I was raised that being on time is very important. In fact if you're on time, you're late. My husband also subscribes to this theory. (In fact when his dad comes to events at our house I've resorted to telling him at least 30 minutes after the start of said event so he doesn't show up so early- although sometimes the extra set up help is appreciated).  
That being said, I'm finding that trying to get out of the house on time with a two year old is impossible. Yesterday for example.  I had to drop the kid off at The G's at 8am on my way to the airport. I was up at 6am  and got myself mostly ready. Corrine woke about 7:15 so I got her milk and set her in her chair for a bit of Caillou on PBS while I finished packing. I got her dressed, packed my lunch, made my tea and breakfast for the road then started loading the car with my bags and her diaper bag. The time is now 7:55. The G's live a mile away so we're good.  NOT.   I come back into the house to get her and she has taken off her shoes and coat and changed out of her pants into green velour Christmas pants that she is struggling to pull up. I felt my mornings organization go right out the window. I got super frustrated and frazzled and I think I yelled a little.  

She was so proud of the fact she had changed her pants all by herself and I completely lost it. Of course I am feeling more than a little guilty. But I don't think it matters what time I get up to get ready. I am going to be running at the last minute. Hopefully as she gets older our timeliness improves!

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  1. Ah yes mum time isn't quite the same is it. I am the same about hating being late/on time, I am always early. unless the kids throw a spanner in the works!

  2. Oh wow we have the same issues at my home! Thanks for commenting on my blog! My four year old is so pokey and dreamy, and the one year old just isn't at the point where he can get himself ready. I used to always be a bit early, and now I am consistently late! Causes a lot of grief, but I guess in the long run it isn't causing any real problems (just my blood pressure rising!).


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