The Weekend

3:00 PM

On Friday I was able to sit outside and knit for an hour while Corrine was napping.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  
By Saturday mid-day it was cold and windy and snowing.  Did the snow amount to anything.  NOPE.  Bryan was out of town this weekend, so Corrine and I had ourselves a girls weekend.  Coloring, crafting, cooking and playing.  We made it out of the house once...mama had to go to the package store for some vodka.  I'm making Limoncello (which I'll let you know how it turns out in about a month or so) and I didn't want to use my good vodka.

I stayed up way too late both Friday and Saturday nights.  I recently re-joined Netflix.  We bought a new TV a few months ago and can stream movies right off the TV (although it isn't set up yet).  But I can also stream them on my ipad.  Friday night I added a gazillion shows and movies to my instant queue and then both nights stayed up watching.  I love shows from the BBC and added several of them.  One I started watching was The Vicar of Dibley.  Absolutely hilarious.

I do love hanging out at home.  How was your weekend?

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  1. I have always wondered about Netflex and how it works. We have Directv or else we wouldn't be able to receive any channels, cable won't run this far out and ever since Hurricane Hugo an antenna won't work.
    Now I am curious about Limoncello, is it lemony? Guess you can tell I'm not a drinker.

  2. I really need to get Netflix!! I am interested in watching BBC shows - DR. Who especially!!

  3. We are considering netflix, but we still pay for satellite, I'll blame that on my husband who loves sports. Love BBC as well!

  4. Oh my gosh, those BBC shows are the best! My absolute favorite is Keeping Up Appearances. :) Can't wait to see how your limoncello turns out! Sounds delish!

  5. Found your blog through the 52 project and it is beautiful. I used to dread weekends when my husband was away and I would have the babies for 2 extra days but I have learned how to make it fun. Treat myself to a movie or a new book, relax at naptime instead of doing chores. Sounds like you had a lovely time.

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