The Weekend

1:00 PM

On Saturday, I went to a food swap.  We had originally agreed it would be a soup swap.  I wasn't home enough last week to make soup and have it fresh, so I opted to take Chocolate Pear Jam.  I came home with lots of good soups.  We have red chili posole, green chili, Lebanese lentil and smoky corn chowder.  YUM!  

It was a beautiful afternoon, so as a family (dogs included) we walked down to the park, where a certain little person spent her time on the slide.  I think that is part of the reason she slept so well last night.  

The girls got some lap time while I knit after Corrine went to bed.  They were comfy, I was toasty warm.  It was all good.  

Back to work on Sunday though.

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  1. A food swap sounds awesome!!! I guess I know what you will be eating this week!

  2. Fresh air and sliding would put me in a deep sleep!! I can't wait until we are out and about walking our dog!! The soup swap sounds like lots of fun!!

  3. It's always fun getting to hear how your kitties are doing. Of course a soup swap sounds like loads of fun! I hope that you had a safe day at work today!

  4. What a great idea, I have never heard of a soup swap. Now I am sitting here wondering who I can get to do a swap with me.

    Slides are great for wearing little ones out, big ones too!

    Have a great week at work.


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