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6:00 AM

It's Wednesday again, (how did that happen?), and I'm joining Ginny for the weekly Yarn Along.  Wednesdays are for sharing books and knitting.  Last week I went for my first ever knit night.  I ended up going by myself because my friend couldn't make it and I had already arranged with Bryan that I was going out.  I was a little nervous because I didn't know anyone there, but everyone was very friendly.  How can crafters not be friendly?  They all knew each other so I really just sat and listened to their conversations while I worked on my Citron.  There is always one loud talker, know it all in every group, isn't there?

Anyhoo.  The Citron.  I started it three times.   I have never worked with lace weight yarn before.  I thought it very difficult.  That being said, the third time was the charm, I got the pattern going and am on my way.

In the book department, I started reading this Emily Giffin book, Heart of the Matter.  It follows two families and how their lives intersect.  So far so good.  It's an easy read, but I really just started it.  

I just finished listening to The Line of Fire by Stephen White.  I got the audio CD's from the library.  It's the second to last book in the series.  The author is planning on ending the series.  The books take place in Boulder and I love that I know exactly where everything is.  It's kind of fun.  If you haven't read any of his book, they are suspense thrillers.  The main character is a clinical psychologist and his best friend is a Boulder detective.  

So.  What are you reading and working on?

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  1. I am currently getting ready to read the Second book in the Dragon Tattoo series.

    1. I think you'll like it. And go right into the third book. We've got the movie on our DVR queue from a free movie weekend month ago and haven't watched it yet.

  2. Good for you in not backing out and attending the knit group, I hope you are able to attend again. There are times when I wish I didn't live so far out from town so I could do things like that too.
    And how exciting to be knitting with lace weight yarn! I tried last year, made a huge mess and just tucked it away for the time being.

  3. Very pretty yarn color! I found you on the Yarn Along and had to click through because my sister is named Jennifer Miller!

  4. Ohhhhh, citron, how do I love thee??? Glad everyone was nice. Our group is a nice group of people as well. I think I'm the know it all but I keep it to myself ;)

  5. hehe I had to giggle at the one loud mouth in every group - its so true! Glad you enjoyed your knit night! That colour is stunning!

  6. So glad you had fun at knit night - I should go do something like that, but I can never muster the courage! Glad you got your citron going - that lace weight yarn is definitely tough to get going. Looks lovely!

  7. Hope you had a good Valentine's Day Jen. Something tells me you'll like my post this morning :)


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