The Weekend

5:30 AM

Wow.  What a busy weekend.  Now that it is warm enough I think we might have over done...
* hiked with the boys and Corrine.
* ran errands and played at REI.
* dug up weeds in the garden to be rototilled on Monday.
* put together our pre-fab chicken coop and got the ladies situated in their new home (more on that later).
* Happy hour with good friends on Friday.
* BBQ'd
* Sadly on Sunday, went back to work.

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  1. Sounds like a productive weekend. Any weekend where BBQ is involved is a good weekend :-)

  2. I hope spring sticks around for you, it's been a long winter!

    A new home for the girls? Can't wait to see it.

  3. Can't wait to hear more about the chicken coop! Sounds like a great weekend :)

  4. Love the backpacker carrier you use. We had one for our second child and he lived in it where we went! Looks like a fun outing :)


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