6:30 AM

Dolly (Parton) and Bonnie (Raitt).
The Barred Rock chicks we have added to our flock.   They are currently residing in a rubbermaid tub in the garden shed under the heat lamp.  We put them out in the shed because the dust the produce drives Bryan's allergies crazy.

I have been on the fence about getting more chickens.  I wanted more and we have enough space for them in the dog run.  I was worried about the coop.  We put together a pre-fab coop last summer and I couldn't remember how many it held.  The man at the feed store said six, so I figured we'd be good at five.  At least until I can convince Bryan we need to build a bigger chicken coop!  But because I hemmed and hawed for so long about getting more, the feed store where we bought our ladies last year was out of chickens.  And the feed store closest to us goes through them so quickly that I had to call every day this week to find out when they were getting their shipment.

I can't wait for these to little fluff balls to join our little flock!  I just hope I can be patient during the chicken integration period !

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  1. Hello Dolly and Bonnie!
    What beautiful little girls, I know they would get along great with Dani and the Imp.

  2. Nice to meet you Dolly and Bonnie!! They are absolutely adorable. I cannot wait to see pics of them on here as they grow up :)

  3. hello dolly and bonnie you both look so extra fluffy!!

  4. Dolly and Bonnie are sooo cute :) They make me want to cuddle them :) :)


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