Random Thoughts on Thursday

6:00 AM

*  Spring is here!  Last night we had our first thunderstorm.  C and I paused for a moment from what we were busy with and sat in the front door and watched it rain and hail.  We listened to the thunder.  And we breathed in the wonderful scent of rain!

*  I have to share with you this wonderfully romantic story.  When I read it last week it stuck with me all day.  We've all read stories where man meets woman and in no time they have fallen in love and are getting married!  But that's just it.  They are stories.  Fiction.  Or are they?  My friend Keith, the Optimistic Existenianlist, who writes the Musings of an Apologetic Dreamer has such a story.  Check it out at his blog.  And then read read Beate's story! Just thinking about it, I am so happy for these two who I can call friends even though we've never actually met!

*  Happy Thursday my friends!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh yes we've been having lots of thunderstorms here lately. Always a sign of spring here in KY! And Jen thank you so much for your incredible kind words and for mentioning Beate and I's story. Yes, love stories like this do happen in real life :) even though many people believe that they do not. I am the luckiest man on earth and I wake up every single day with that realization.

    I am so happy to be able to call you my friend. Can you believe we've known each other on here almost a year and a half now??

  2. Oh wow, Jen, this is so amazing. Thank you so much for sweet words about us. I'm swept off my feet by how much our story is actually able to inspire :) I'm pinching myself all the time because our story does sound like it's straight out of a movie. It makes me cherish what we have and it's such an amazing feeling to share it with everybody and to meet such amazing people like you. Even though we've known each other a week now I already feel like old friends with you :) Thank you again! Love the pictures in this post. And I love thunderstorms - we had our first one last week :)


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