Random Thoughts on Thursday

6:00 AM

* I read an article in the newspaper a few weeks back about the Little Free Library.  The Little Free Library is basically a wooden box with perhaps a shelf for two rows of book.  Anyone can walk by and borrow a book.  The can either return it when finished or bring a different book to the box for someone else to read.  How cool is that?

Of course I checked right away to see if there was one in my 'hood.  There is!  The next street over and up three blocks!  We walk the dogs in that area, but have never gone down their street because it is a dead end.  Now I want to build one and put it in my front yard!  It's my new obsession.  There are some pretty cool YouTube videos on the Little Free Library website.  I think it is very inspiring and is a great way to meet neighbors.  Check it out.

The Girls in the front window
* Last week I got an email from a friend from high school.  She works at Craftsy.  (Apparently Craftsy is a Denver based company, who knew?)  They were celebrating their third anniversary by giving away a free class to Colorado residents.  There were 40-some classes to choose from.  I debated a sock knitting class, but thought I can probably figure out a lot of that on my own since I do know how to knit.

What I don't do really well is sew.  Another friend helped me make a quilt top for our bed.  But she recently had a baby and isn't able to quilt it for me on her machine.  The class I signed up for is called Quilting Big Projects on your Small Machine.   After I signed up I had a moment of panic.  My sewing machine is a 1948 Singer.  Could it do what I need it to do?  I did some research on the internet and after some email correspondence with a vintage sewing machine man I found I can order the sewing feet I need and I'm good to go!

* After five days of severe thunderstorms in the Denver Metro area last week I think it is finally safe to finish planting the garden.  I might get to it this weekend!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. how exciting to take a craftsy class :) Lucky you! bummer about the storms but hopefully all is behind you now. and you could do a sock all by yourself :)

  2. I wish I lived there and then we could take a sewing class together. I would love to learn to make a quilt.

    We Finally got rain last night!

  3. Oh I would love that class. My machine is not as old as yours and I am not sure I can quilt on it but I certainly would love to.

  4. I love the idea of a Little Free Library. Awesome concept. I need to see if there's one near here. I hope you enjoy the sewing class Jennifer! Have a great weekend :)


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