Hitofude::The Beginning

5:09 PM

From the moment I read Steph's post about casting on her Hitofude, I knew I wanted to knit one as well.  Fast forward a couple of weeks...both Steph and Karen had cast on and started a Hitofude KAL.  I couldn't buy yarn fast enough!  But what to buy?  Labor day weekend was cold and rainy, so I spent hours searching Etsy.   I found this gorgeous yarn from Quaere.  It's called Butter! (Better Picture Here!).  And it was on sale.  Even though I order this yarn on a holiday weekend, I still had the yarn four days later.  

I wasn't too sure about the provisional cast on having never done one before.  But it was actually super easy.  So...all I have done so far has been cast on and do the set up rows.  I'm ready to begin the pattern, but have been too busy or too tired sit and knit.  

I'm excited!

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  1. Lovely, lovely yarn Jen. Your cardigan is going to be beautiful!

  2. Ooooo! Pretty. Can't wait to see it further along.

  3. oh, gosh! I'm excited, too. This is going to be beautiful!!!!!

  4. gorgeous yarn!!! and on sale, what luck :) Love that you are joining in on Steph's fun :)


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