Random Thoughts on Thursday

6:00 AM

*  I am never, ever going to plant cantaloupe again.  I have not ever had one ripen enough to eat.  I started this years plants in the house and transplanted them with care.   Since cantaloupe likes warm weather I waited to plant it outside.  Good thing too, since it snowed on Mother's Day.  It was 33 degrees last Friday morning.  The leaves got frosted.  I'm going to leave the plant in the ground and hope that they might ripen.  Although I'm not holding out much hope.   We just don't have a long enough growing season here.

* This week is Yarn Along The Rockies.  Twenty-Four yarn shops along the front range from Colorado Springs to just north of Denver.  If you visit all 24 and get a "passport stamp" then you are qualified for a grand prize .  Each shop has it's own basket as a prize.  I was able to visit two shops... Tea for Ewe on Tuesday and The Lamb Shoppe on Wednesday.  Tea for Ewe is in the 'hood and while I don't frequent it, I have been there a couple of times.  The Lamb Shoppe is a new to me shop and one that I really like and will go there again!  A couple of people I know were able to make a two day trip out of it and hit all 24 shops!  Damn the work thing for getting in the way of a good yarn crawl!

Happy Thursday my friends.

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  1. Awww. I'm sorry to hear about the gardening challenge. That yarn shop adventure sounds amazing! A lot of driving though.

  2. 24 yarn shops??!? I'm hyperventilating just thinking about it!!!!!

  3. bummer about the melon....we never plant that so I do not have to strike it from the planting list. However our cucumbers did terrible. We had THREE and they were icky.


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