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6:00 AM

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time to share yarn and books with Ginny and everyone.  This week was a full week of knitting and reading.  Although not much progress was made on the former, but started a new book in the latter.

This is a woven scarf that I started a month or so ago.  The yarn I ordered finally came in so I've picked it up again.  It's a pretty easy knit which means I can take it to crafting and sitting in the wait area at ballet.  It's a garter stitch base with five 96" knit tubes that are woven together and then another garter stitch band at the end.  Easy Peasy.  I've also been working on my two at a time-toe up-magic loop socks.  I won't bore you with the small progress I've made since last week.

I also spend hours on the computer this weekend looking for yarn so I can knit Hitofude with Karen and Steph in their loosey-goosey Hitofude KAL.  Hours spent on Etsy and the Webs website.  After hours yarn tends to look the same but I am very excited about the yarn I purchased.  More on that after it's delivered.

I finished reading Talking to the Dead by Harry Bingham.  I am enjoying the Fiona Griffiths books because I love a good murder mystery and she is not the typical female detective.  I started reading Home Again by Kristin Hannah.  It grabbed me from the get go.  I have to say that I was enjoying the book until the plot twist that I kind of predicted and then because I did predict it, I wasn't so enamored with the book anymore.  Sometimes I feel that if there is a plot twist that is so predictable then the author should do the complete opposite.

I also started reading Las Hechizadas.  This is the book a friend of mine from high school wrote last year.  It is currently available on Amazon for $.99 for the Kindle.  I've just started it, so have not formed any opinion yet.

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  1. Very pretty scarf and I do like the sound of the construction.
    How fun to spend hours looking for just the right yarn for the KAL I am always amazed at all the options that are available, it's mind blowing. Now I can't wait to see what you decided to use.

  2. The construction of your scarf has me interested. Can't wait to see it further along AND the yarn you've chosen for YOUR Hitofude.

  3. I cannot wait to see that yarn!! You've built up quite the suspense for me ;) love knitting projects that I can do with people so I can talk!

  4. Oh I'll bet the yarn will be fantastic, please update us when it arrives! The scarf is looking pretty.

  5. has it come yet? has it come yet??????!!!! Can't wait to see what you chose!

  6. Id love to see your purple scarf finish!!!!


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