The 52 Project- August

10:02 AM

The 52 Project- a portrait a week for a year.  These are the pictures for August.  Wow.  August.

31/52- At the Renaissance Festival
32/52-  Also at the Renaissance Festival
 33/52- Using her Craftsman tool chest to help put bookshelves together.
34/52- At the beach in San Francisco.
35/52- Eating ice cream with Jupiter.
Is it me or are the months going faster and faster?

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  1. OMG, Miss C had her photo taken with Twig, don't you just think she is so sweet? We saw her last year in NC.

  2. The months are definitely going faster and faster! Love those pics, your daughter is just so adorable and the pic of all of you at the beach is so lovely :)

  3. This year is simply flying by! I think that's what happens when you live a full, happy life!

  4. she is growing so quickly!! Love the poses and the fun outings :)

  5. I would love to attend a Renaissance Festival someday!!


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