Random Thoughts on Thursday (and an eye update)

7:25 AM

* This past Tuesday, Miss C had her final post op eye exam and vision test.  The eye doctor is pleased with how well her eyes are tracking and he said he couldn't tell that she'd had a problem!  She also did well with her vision test, but will still need to wear her glasses.  Her prescription isn't that strong. The doctor also said that if she takes them off (as she does when she plays princess- cause princesses don't wear glasses.), it is okay.  We've told her she has to wear them to school and to watch TV/ipad or when she goes outside as they are her sunglasses as well.  Our next visit is in six months and after that he'll decided if we can go to yearly visits! 

*  Meet Loretta and Patsy!  
A mama at preschool who also has a chicken addiction bought five Welsummers and asked a couple of us if we wanted chickens.   That day I emphatically said NO!  I don't have room for more chickens.  By the next day I texted her and told her YES!  I am excited by their chocolate brown eggs!  Right now they are living in a chicken wire box so they can be in the same run as the big ladies until they are bigger.  I've talked Bryan into building me a bigger coop which we need to get on that project soon!

Happy Thursday my friends!

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  1. I'm so happy for Miss C, but I am thinking we need to write a story where the princess does wear glasses, you know, cause I'm a glasses wearer too and I want to be a princess too ;)
    I never say no to chickens either, can't help myself.

  2. Great news about Miss C! I sure love reading about people's chickens. My daughter has chickens and they fascinate me. When my husband and I retire, we hope to move to a more rural area and I hope to have chickens of my own. :) The different colored eggs are so fun-I especially like seeing my daughter's chickens blue eggs.

  3. fantastic news!! So glad that her eyes are doing well, and maybe one day a princess will wear glasses...


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