Random Thoughts on Thursday

6:00 AM

*  The sun finally came out!  Wednesday was a day of sunshine all day.  We stayed outside all day.  Consequently, mama is sunburned.  Oops.

Wednesday was C's field day and picnic.  They had sack races, three legged races, hurdles, balance beams, and of course tug of war!  She was one worn out little girl.

*  The roses in the front yard are finally all pruned.  So not only am I sunburned, but I am scratched up as well.  The soil in our yard is mostly clay.  Even though I've added amendment and compost for years there is still a lot of clay.  The garden is still pretty wet after three weeks of rain so I've not planted anything else.  If I walk in the garden I'll have 20lbs of clay attached to my feet!  Next week.  There's always next week.

Happy Thursday my friends.

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  1. Looks like a fun day! Our back paddock is like that. If the boys go down there, they bring a ton of clay back with them, all over them!

  2. would you believe we are an inch behind in rainfall? yep. Hopefully you'll dry out and be able to plant. Loved seeing the field day photos :)

  3. our grands have a similar spring sports day every year.....doesn't seem to matter how old they get----exhausted!!!! is sort of an understatement!!! :) we always look at that as the official beginning of summer! (tug of war really IS the greatest!!!!)


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