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6:00 AM

It is Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly Yarn Along.  I am joining with Ginny and everyone to share yarn and books.  Since it has been raining just about every day, I knit a lot this week.  However, I don't have much to show for my work.  I have been working on my stitch block cowl.  I finished the first section and have started the second section about a dozen times.  I just keep making stupid mistakes and have to rip back.  I have started using two lifelines so I don't have to rip back too far and that has help tremendously.   Finally some progress.  

photo bomb by Winston

I have also finished another square for my random square scrap blanket.  I only work on these squares while I have some down time at work.  Squares are easy to do at work... I can pick them up, put them down or not work on them for ages and still know where I am in the patter.... because there is no pattern!  I am going to sew them together soon.  I think I need some other color choices before I get to gung ho on putting them together.
I just finished reading the book Buried in the Sky.  It was about the deadly climbing season on K2 in 2008 and the Sherpa support on and off the mountain.  Fascinating.  It was recommended to me by a passenger on the airplane.  I started reading Barefoot on Tuesday but am still only a few pages in so have no opinion yet.  

What are you reading and working on?

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday! 

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  1. It has been raining here too, for over a week. We had one sunny day in between and now back to rain. Winter is nearly here for us! Hope the cowl knitting goes better this week. The squares look great too.

  2. sorry about all of that rain. Bummer, however your knitting is lovely and those squares my you have quite a lot done. how will you connect them??

  3. 40 Degrees? That is just wrong!! ;)
    Don't you just love knitting with no pattern, it makes this craft even more zen.
    I read Barefoot, another get beach book.

  4. Lifelines are lifesavers, no? Sorry about all the rain; it's been cool here this week and cloudy, but not too much rain which we could seriously use here in the west.

  5. I've got to find a real mindless project like your scrap squares.....seems every time I meet friends to knit, I'm messing up my current project. grrrrrrrr.

  6. I love lifelines!! Love the colours of your blocks


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