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6:00 AM

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly Yarn Along.  I am joining with Ginny and everyone to share yarn and books.  I have been working on the "Woobie" for a baby gift.  It's coming along quite nicely.  I got to the part where I "criss cross" the stitches to close the hole and somehow dropped eight stitches.  Ugh.  I was able to pick them up again, but that row is not pretty.  Luckily it will be under the puppy's head.

I just finished reading Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger.  He is the author of the Cork O'Connor series that I read a couple of months ago.  This book was a stand-alone book, not apart of that series.  The story is told from the perspective a 13 year old boy but told 40 years later.  For young Frank it is the summer of death with the hardest one was the murder of his older sister.  I really enjoyed reading this book and while it wasn't quite as suspenseful as some of the mystery books I like to read, the story was fabulous.

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday!

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  1. I hate dropping stitches. Blocking seems to help. I'm curious to see how it turns out! Enjoy your week Jen.

  2. how cute this is going to be!!! :)

  3. What an interesting construction! I have knit out, but never in, if that makes any sense, but I really do like the look and have plans to cast on one for Porter.
    Thank you for the book recommendations on Goodreads, you know me well!

  4. that will be super cute when done. Our daughter's have the same name, only the spelling is different, as ours is one R and two N's.

  5. Pink and gray is such a soft and pleasing color combination... a sweet gift for sure. Sorry about the dropped stitches--so annoying when that happens.

  6. I don't think anyone will notice, looks so beautiful and I love the way it is constructed!!


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