This Week In The Garden

6:30 AM

Considering it was such a cool, wet May it's been pretty hot and dry the last couple of weeks and the ground is dry and cracked.  The garden is fairly neglected at this point.  I've just been so busy.  I finally pulled the arugula and radishes since they had gone to seed.  We ate as many radishes as we could.  I'll plant more again around the end of August in hopes of a September harvest before is frosts (or snows).  The eggplant is slow and I thought I lost it in June due to drowning, but it fought back.  The head lettuce is look beautiful and we'll eat some this week for salads.

There are small cucumbers and green peppers.  I'm itching to make gazpacho but we don't have any ripe tomatoes yet.  The tomatoes are looking a little junglish right now.  After last year when the tomatoes got so heavy they toppled the tomato towers I came up with a plan to trellis them.  In my head it worked way better than it is currently working.  If you have any suggestion for tomato towers for next summer, I'm all ears!

We haven't gotten any strawberries.  Between a 4YO and Henley they've eaten all of the ripe ones.  And some that weren't so ripe.  There are perhaps five plums on our tree and no cherries.  But the rhubarb is going gangbusters!

I know that's how it goes in gardening.  Always a product of mother nature, but with a little TLC we'll have some goodies.  Because there is nothing like walking out the back door to gather homegrown goodness for dinner!

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  1. It still looks in better shape than mine! The heat and thunderstorms we've had in June and July just ravaged my struggling tomatoes :(

  2. Your garden looks great! I am so itching for winter to be over and to really get going in the garden.


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