Vacation Part One

6:00 AM

My cousin and her family rented a house on San Juan Island and invited us to stay with them on their vacation.  Who were we to say no?  Last Sunday we flew to Seattle and drove to Anacortes to catch the ferry to Friday Harbor.   The house was in Roche Harbor on the channel where the Anacortes-Sydney BC ferry passed by.

Mt. Baker 
View from the deck
knitting on the deck
BC Ferry from the kitchen window

It was very relaxing sitting on the deck watching the boats go by.  Bryan and C went paddle boarding and made this mama very nervous.  (I am not a fan of water where I can touch bottom).  We toured lavender fields.  The kiddos played in the water.  We hunted for shells.  We ate.  We drank.  We saw the bald eagles.  Fun was had by all.  

My cousin has three boys who are 10 & almost 13.  They absolutely adore Corrine and she was super excited to see them.  She played hard with them for three days.  She really was a travel trooper.  It was long days of travel both directions.  

It was actually hotter in Seattle than it was in Denver.  But the weather on the island was perfect.  On our way out of town we met up with Bryan's niece (who is pregnant with her first baby) and some good friends of our for dinner.  

Vacation Part two is really the Family Reunion post from yesterday.

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  1. What an amazing place Jen and I am so happy you had such a fun time. Love the photos from your vacation. Visiting lavender fields must have smelled so good and those birds, great shots.

  2. what a fun (free!) vacation! lucky you, being with family is what it is all about :)

  3. What a special vacation! I live a couple of hours away from where you were-and I am so in love with the Pacific Northwest. Your pictures capture the beauty of the area perfectly!


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