Random Thoughts on Thursday

6:00 AM

*  Earlier this spring Bryan built me a raised bed for our raspberries.  We got six plants from a friend from preschool.  I killed five of them.  We bought two.  One died.  I got one from a lady at the May food swap.  It died.  Bryan got three from a guy at work.  I planted two of them together because one of them was too small.  You can see the stalk of nothingness.  It's not dead though.  It lost all of it's leaves (from shock?), but it has little leaf buds!  That gives me hope.  The two that still look good actually have little green raspberries!  I'm sure we'll eat them as soon as they are ripe!
*  Tuesday night we went to a Colorado Rockies game.  It was C's first baseball game.  There was a huge group of us there to celebrate the 70th birthday of a dear friend.  It was a surprise party and the guest of honor was in complete shock.  It was bittersweet for a few of us because my sweet friend Bob (who I met at a baseball game) is no longer with us.  He would have been the first to sign up for this shindig and he would have been on the early flight to Denver.
Happy Thursday my friends!

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  1. Oh, I am sorry about your raspberries, I hope you will be able to harvest some! We have not been very lucky with some of the things we have tried to grow, but squash and beans are always for the win! Have a lovely day!


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