Random Thoughts on Thursday

6:30 AM

*  I lost my first chicken yesterday.  I've been incredibly lucky in the three years I have had the ladies. I got home yesterday afternoon from running errands all morning (one errand was the feed store) and filled the feeder.  I lifted the nesting box lid to check eggs and there lay Bonnie.  I'm not sure what happened to her.  My guess is something heat related.  It was 95 degrees yesterday and even though I have a fan in there, it was pretty hot.  I thought I would be sad when I lost my first chicken, but while I hope she didn't suffer, I wasn't all that sad.  I don't have any plans to eat any of the ladies and was hoping for some natural attrition as they got older.   It's just weird not seeing her in the chicken run.

*  Two weeks ago our hot water heater bit the dust.  It lived a good long life- it was installed in 1987! We full on do not expect to get even ten years out of our new water heater.   But of course there never is a good time for water heaters (or any appliance) to go out.  It certainly was not in our budget at this time and now we will be doing some scrambling to rearrange our budget.

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Happy Thursday my friends.

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  1. I'm so sorry about Bonnie, I've lost a few chickens over the years and it's always a bummer. Last month I lost my first duck, Spencer Tracy, but he was old and lived a very comfortable life for a duck so I take that away from the whole experience.
    Sorry too about the hot water heater, my fingers are crossed that nothing breaks in my home, my budget is super tight right now and after this last electric bill I'm just thankful I could pay all my bills for the month. ;)

  2. Poor Bonnie. I'm sure you gave her a good life.
    Sorry about the hot water heater...we just had issues with a refrig (basement) that died while we were away...PHEW. The SMELL!!!! It seemed days before we recouped from that one!!! (I had to be the 'heavy' when the delivery people came and they insisted they couldn't get the old --smelly---one out of the basement. Hmmmm. Excuse me. It got DOWN there just fine. It took me telling them to then please take back the new refrig we had just bought before they took the removal job seriously. Can you believe, they had it up the stairs and out of the basement in less than 10 minutes? Grrrrrrrrr.) There never is a good time for appliances to expire, is there?

  3. sorry about your chicken, sad :( and our water heater when out almost two years ago, it about did me in. Then the water pump went and that really was super crappy. Cold water is better than no water!!

  4. Sorry to hear about your water heater giving up on you. Like you said there is never a good time for appliances to break and they always go when you least expect it or are least prepared for it. My husband and I are always weary when it comes to leaving our house unattended during vacations in fear of it.

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