Random Thoughts on Thursday

9:17 PM

Back in May, Bryan bought us tickets to see The Breakfast Club for our anniversary.  Every summer the Denver Film Society does Film on the Rocks.  Red Rocks is an amazing outdoor amphitheater on the west side of Denver.   My pictures don't do it justice.  At all.  It is simply stunning.  There is nothing like sitting at the top of the amphitheater and watching the moon come up and the city lights while listening to your favorite bands!  We actually had VIP seats for the movie so we were up close. Good for me to see the movie, but bad to watch the sights!  

They also allow exercising there during the day.  People actually go there to "run" the stairs.   It's a great workout!  My legs were sore today and I couldn't figure out why until Bryan mention all the walking and stairs we did.   If you ever come to Colorado a trip to Red Rocks is a "must do".  

Happy Thursday!  

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  1. Wow, just wow Jen! What a fantastic place and Red Rocks just went on my list!
    I am not sure after walking in the flat Lowcountry and then walking there if I will
    be able to move, but I would love to find out.

  2. looks like you all had a really fun time, I cannot wrap my brain around running any stairs!! Wow! love the lighting of the show.


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