The Weekend

9:15 PM

The hand off from 1st to 2nd rider
Bryan coming in for the finish
after the race
after the race
This was one one of those weird weekends for us in that we actually had a regular weekend.  Meaning a weekend that everyone and their brother has.  Our weekends are usually Friday and Saturday and we both work on Sunday.

We went to Steamboat Springs on Thursday night to stay with some really good friends.  On Saturday Bryan and his good friend Chris were in the Honey Stinger 50 mile mountain bike race.  They did it as a duo... each rode 25 miles up and down the mountain.  (a little kuh-razy if you ask me).  Bryan rode the second half of the race and it got hot fairly early on which made the ride difficult.

On Friday we hiked for a little bit.  We played in the river and the hot springs run off.  There was also a free concert at the base of the Steamboat Springs ski area.  We ate dinner with great friends.  We had breakfast with the same good friends.

As much as I love to visit and travel, I love to come home to my own nest the very best!

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  1. Way to go Bryan, I am thoroughly impressed! I'm not sure I could "walk" 25 miles up and down an mountain let alone ride my bike.
    Your weekend sounds just wonderful Jen and I'm glad you had a normal one ;)

  2. I always love to come home!! it's the best place ever. Glad you had a regular weekend all together :)

  3. I must admit, I suffer from wanderlust....and yet, at the end of travels, home always is where I'm yearning to be. Crazy. Glad you had a great weekend----and are HOME.


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