My Debt Update

7:32 AM

I started January with the goal to pay off two medical bills totaling $511.  I only was able to pay off the smaller bill which was $214.  I paid $28 towards the second medical bill.  Since then I have paid another $60 towards that debt, leaving $209 and some change.

I did win a contest at work that was held in December.  The $500 payout came at the end of January.  I could have put all of that money towards the second medical debt and perhaps I should have.  But instead I bought $200 worth of groceries completely wiping out our shopping list.  I about died in the check out line when the checker totaled the bill.  Without the coupons I used the bill would have been A LOT more.   I paid a couple of other monthly bills with that money and then it was gone.  (I may or may not have bought some yarn with that money...).

I have been arguing with the hospital over the second bill to no avail.  The bill is for an emergency room visit from when Miss C fell off of her bike.  The insurance is in Bryan's name and he is the one who took her to the emergency room.  I wasn't even in the state yet I am the responsible party.  I just like to argue with them, it makes no matter, we are still her parents and we'll pay it together.  I was just irritated that the bill came to me.  

Anyhoo, I was on vacation in January so my two February checks were small.  I can't even begin to explain our pay system from where I work (it would take several blog posts for that!).  Basically we get paid a month behind.  The first check is per diem from the previous month and the second check is overtime and bonus money.  So by working fewer hours in January, I got a much smaller paycheck in February because there wasn't as much of the extras.

I didn't drive as much for Uber and Lyft because my car tags expired at the end of January and I was waiting for them to come in the mail.  I don't drive all that often because of my work schedule and being home with Miss C.  However, that extra income is pretty nice.  I've paid some towards other bills and paid for my new car tags.  My plan is to drive quite a bit in March and knock out the medical bill by the end of March.  I've got my pepper spray within easy reach in my car and I've actually not felt like anyone so far was too scary to drive.

Thanks for helping me stay accountable.

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  1. This sounds sort of like, it's been quite a few years ago, but becoming debt free is totally the most liberating feeling in the world. More power to you!!! You will FOREVER be glad you made some of the sacrifices to reach your goal!!!!

  2. I hope you win your argument with the hospital. Good luck catching all those pennies and saving money! It's hard!


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