Springtime in Colorado

6:30 AM

This time of year Mother Nature is bi-polar.  Tuesday it was 70 degrees and yesterday it wasn't.  March is the snowiest month in Colorado.  Last week we got six inches of snow.  And it was pretty much gone two days later.  Yesterday we had a crazy spring blizzard and got sixteen inches of snow at our house on the west side of Denver.

Denver International Airport was delayed from the get go.  The power was out and they couldn't fuel or deice the airplanes!  It just never got better.  The wind was gusting so much that the visibility dropped to zero and nothing moved.  The road to and from the airport was closed.  Needless to say I did not have to go to work!

Bryan played with his snowblower pretty much all day.  Our driveway is clear.  All the sidewalks are clear.  The elderly neighbors sidewalks are clear.

Oh.  And it's supposed to snow next week too.   Happy Spring to you!

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  1. Wow!! That is just amazing and I wish I had some snow here. We were 79 today and now are preparing for three days of rain :(

  2. when I saw the news I thought of you the entire time!! crazy weather :) WE had some awesome weather for Easter but now the cold is creeping back, temporarily I hope.


  4. I can just imagine the view. I spent several hours on layover at the Denver airport when I took my trip back east earlier this month. Such a beautiful view of the Rockies! Hope you built a snowman and sipped some cocoa. Sunny and 75 here today which was absolutely wonderful!


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