The Weekend

10:30 AM

Saturday was BUSY!  First up.  The St. Patricks Day parade at Union Station.  We took light rail down to the station and watched the parade from across the street.  We thought it was only going to be a couple of hours and then we could get along with our day.  Nope.  The parade was 4 hours.  The first half of the parade took over 2 hours.  We left a quarter of the way through the second half of the parade.

Next on the agenda...a food swap.  I met with my foodie friends and exchange homemade goodness.  I took eggs and in return I got a steak & Guinness pie, granola, vegetarian green chili (that burned my mouth it was so spicy- Bryan will love it), apple crisp and some lovely spelt sourdough!

After the food swap I raced home to change clothes and pick up the fam so we could  go to Miss C's school fundraiser.  This is an annual fundraiser we do for scholarships and school supplies.  It was mass chaos with kids running around getting their faces painted and pictures taken!  There was also a balloon guy making what looked a gazillion balloon swords for the boys.   The food was delicious and I might have gone back for a second BBQ brisket sammie if I hadn't wanted to save room for dessert.

And then we lost an hour and I was tired yesterday.  After I got home from work I couldn't sleep and then overslept this morning.

Happy Monday my friends.

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  1. eeep! a four hour parade!!!! WOW!!! a busy busy weekend....but sounds like loads of fun! (we were hunkered down with more rain....i know it's good for the garden. too bad nothing has as yet had a chance to be planted because of it!!!!)

  2. I love parades! as long as the weather is nice :) This time change is making me a very tired lady.


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