Mama's New Toy

6:00 AM

Mama got a new toy this past weekend!

It's a dual barrel spinning compost bin! I've had a upright bin for many, many years.  It's warped from the sun so the lid no longer fits.  It is hard to stir the compost all the way through.  The bottom door no longer lifts up to get to the beautiful black gold at the bottom.

Costco had these bins last week so I jumped on it as soon as I saw them.  Bryan and I put it together.  We decided to put the bin in the garden.  I didn't want to lose the space, but it will be easier to just dump it onto the ground.  We put it so the latches can be opened from outside the fence so I can dump the mini bin from the kitchen without going into the garden.

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours transferring the compost from the old bin to the new bins.   Toward the bottom of the bin was this beautiful black gold.  I spread it in the garden and will turn it in later this week.  
I'm getting excited to start gardening.  I have begun to uncover the things I mulched last fall... The raspberries are peaking through and so are the strawberries.  It makes me nervous to start uncovering the mulch in case they get frozen in the next six weeks.  It's happened before.  

What are you going to plant in your garden?

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  1. I like your new toy! I use an old washing machine drum for compost and right now it's full of squash plants that sprouted!

  2. Hi, Jen...this is exciting! We have an old tumbling composter, and I was thinking how it would be nice to get a new one. It's early for us to be gardening much yet, but my lettuce, peas, and spinach have all sprouted, and my strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries are all showing signs of life. We're reorganizing our gardens this year to make room for grapevines and huckleberries which I'm looking forward to!


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