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12:48 AM

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly Yarn Along.  I am joining with Ginny and everyone to share yarn and books.  WooHoo!  I am so excited.  I finally finished the stitch block cowl!  I just looked at my ravelry page...I started this cowl as a KAL with the mamas at crafting on April 18, 2015!  I put this cowl aside so often to work on other projects.  First I had to finish my Hitofude for Rhinebeck.  Then I had to work on the sweater for the school fundraiser.  And I've made eleven (ELEVEN!!!) Colorado hats.

I was so excited to finish and photograph it that i didn't even weave in the ends.  I took some quick pictures before leaving for work yesterday.  There are three blocks and I"ll tell you, that second block kicked my butt!  I learned to use a lot of lifelines!  Every repeat I used a lifeline.  And there are still several mistakes that I think are quite noticeable.  I'm fairly certain though, that there will be one more snow this spring that will enable me to wear my coat and new cowl!   My stitch block cowl was made using Quince & Co Osprey in Bark, Nasturtium, and Egret.

Block one

Block two 

Block three

I have enough yarn left in the nasturtium and bark and a tiny bit left in egret, but it should all be enough to make a hat or maybe some mittens.

In the book department, I feel like my book reading is slow.  I finished a book by Lisa Jackson called Unspoken which I thought was just "meh" (although to be fair, I did put it down to finish two library books.  I also listened to the Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (or JK Rowling of Harry Potter fame).  I thought it was a great book and immediately checked out the second book, The Silkworm.  I am also reading The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown but have not made much progress.  

What projects are you working on?  Any books I need to put in my Goodreads queue?  

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday my yarny peeps!

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  1. that is a beautiful cowl!! You must be excited to have it done and finished :)

  2. I am in love with your cowl Jen and am thrilled that you will have more chances to wear it this spring.
    By the way, I don't notice any mistakes :)

  3. that cowl, big and beautiful...i adore it and the colors are fabulous!!!! and mistakes are not mistakes, they, make it special, non-cookie cutter!!!

  4. Love your cowl, the colors are beautiful!! It looks so cozy it makes me kinda wish for cold weather again although we are in full swing of spring here now and I can't complain!!


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