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5:00 AM

It is Wednesday again and that means it is time for the weekly Yarn Along.  I am joining with Ginny and everyone to share yarn and books.  This week saw no knitting rather a lot of time was spent on Ravelry for a new knit project.  I'm not sure why I wasted so much time.  I have two projects on the needles and one of them has been there FOREVER!  I am working on the back of Sylvi and it is not a talk at crafting or watch TV at night kind of knit.  But I am determined to finish it this summer so I can wear it next fall!

Today is Ginny's virtual baby shower.  I love baby knits because I feel like I have accomplished something.  I made a little washcloth out of very soft cotton.  Together Miss C and I picked out the kitty with the heart for the sweet new baby.

I have been reading a lot of travel books in the past week.  I had checked out books on Iceland, Croatia and Budapest.  I check out books from the library and then when we decide, I'll buy a travel book we can write in.  We are trying to decide where to go on vacation in October.  My list of places I want to visit is very, very, long.  But we have to consider places that are kid friendly and we've narrowed down our decision to Croatia.  In the next couple of months we'll make a basic plan of what we want to see and do while we are there.

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  1. Welcome Jen, I am so happy you are here. I love the baby cloth and think the kitty is perfect.

  2. Baby knits are the best! The washcloth is adorable.

  3. your baby cloth is adorable and how sweet your daughter helped pick out the pattern :)

  4. What a sweet little cloth! I love the kitty and the heart! Thank you!

  5. Such an adorable washcloth! Love the kitty with the heart!

  6. Such a sweet washcloth! That is so special.

  7. Congrats on the decision to visit Croatia. Cannot wait to hear more about your plans!!

  8. I would love to go to Iceland! And I love your washcloth - so cute.


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