Random Thoughts on Thursday

9:48 PM

It's late, I realize, but it is still Thursday!

*  Bryan had knee surgery this morning.  It was a quick scope to clean up some torn meniscus.  In and out of surgery in about 30 minutes.  We were in the surgery center for just about 3 hours.  I knew he was going to be fine when he wanted to go to Starbucks on the way home.

Funny side story to this surgery...the back story... he had ankle surgery seven years ago.  That was his first experience with anesthesia and it was funny.  In the recovery room he kept telling every person who walked by his bed that he and his good friend had been out drinking the night before and he drank five bottles of wine all by himself.  It cracked me up.

So today the anesthesiologist was talking to Bryan about the procedure and what to expect when he was in the recovery room.  He made mention that he would feel like he had a couple of glasses of wine.  And that sent me into hysterics.

*  Spring in Colorado is coming.  Bushes and trees are flowering, tulips and daffodils are blooming.  And it is supposed to snow this weekend.  And depending on who you listen to, we can expect anywhere from 8-40" of snow.  The 40" may be more in the foothills.   My mom's birthday is April 17th and she was born in a blizzard.  So it's nothing new for us, except today it was 70 degrees and gorgeous.  Just wait a day and it will change!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. LOL hilarious about the wine comment :) and I am glad it went smoothly.

  2. so glad that he did well and they did the right knee :) I hope he has a speedy recovery!


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