Buyers Remorse?

6:00 AM

Corrine and I went to the mall yesterday.  I was on a mission.  Buy a wedding present and shoes for Corrine to wear with her flower girl dress.  Did I mention the wedding is today?  The wedding present was the easy part.  Baby shoes (white sandals that she can wear for the rest of the summer) not so much.  Even shoes for mama to wear to the wedding was pretty easy.  But now mama's not so sure she needs the shoes...I mean, isn't there a pair in my closet that would work?  I guess it depends on which dress I wear.

While wandering around the store, I found a nice pair of sunglasses.  They were really, really expensive.  But they fit.  I have a very hard time finding sunglasses that fit.  The arms of the glasses are usually too long and wrap too far around my head.  I have been looking for a new pair of sunglasses for months.  Ever since I dropped them in the grocery store and Bryan stepped on them.  He straightened them the best he could without breaking them.  The lenses are scratched, the arms are cattywampus.    So I was excited that I found a pair.  But I was so hesitant to buy them because they were pricey.  After buying shoes and a present I went back to the sunglass stand and I bought them.

Now I wonder if I really should have bought the sunglasses?  I mean I'm sure there are a gazillion things I could be doing with that money.  We are going on vacation in September, Corrine is growing and will soon need fall & winter clothes, I should pay some bills.  My list could go on and on.  On the flip side, they fit and I take really good care of my sunglasses and they will last me for years (the stepped on pair I bought six or seven years ago).

Oh.  The decisions.  I'll keep the receipt just in case.

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  1. I'm having dilemmas like this all the time, although never for knitting/spinning related things. If they fit and they will last, I'd say they are definitely worth it!

  2. i do this too! it's hard for mamas to spend on ourselves! my husband has to buy some of my more expensive bathing save me from myself. He will demand that I sit down at the computer and pick on out from patagonia and then it just shows up in the closet and i wear it every day till it rots! so wear those perfect glasses and enjoy them and if it helps, pretend that I gave them to you! :)

    have a lovely weekend!

    1. Thank you! I think that just about everyone said to keep them. It seems to be the consensus that mama's just don't spend money on themselves.


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