Happy Fourth!

4:58 PM

We have had a lazy day.  We went to a wedding last night.  Corrine was flower girl and she was a party animal.  We had a late night. 

Our plan was to get up before it got hot and go hiking in Boulder with friends.  We still went hiking, but we were slow going this AM.  Due to our lateness we started much later than we wanted.  It got hotter faster than we anticipated.  We took the dogs and Henley (the Newf) got over heated.  He has since spent the rest of the day in the house in front of the AC vent.

There are no fireworks tonight.  Since pretty much the whole state of Colorado is on fire and it has been so hot and dry and there is no rain in our future, there has been a state wide ban on fireworks.  It will be pretty weird not to see them.  I have worked the last couple of 4th and the one time I'm off...

Happy 4th my peeps.

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  1. You are so very brave to hike when it is hot! I bet she was adorable as a flower girl :)


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