In the Garden

9:00 AM

This week in the garden things are looking very green!  I'm starting to see tomatoes.  I'm impatient this year for them to ripen, which is funny.  I don't like tomatoes.  I've got plans for them though.  Salsa, peach salsa, tomato sauce and just plain ole tomatoes canned.

The lemon cucumbers are exploding.  Or rather the plants are.  The cucumbers themselves are very tiny.  Which means they are all going to be ready at the same time.

The seeds I used for the lemon cucumbers were 6 years old.  I wasn't sure how many of them were viable so I planted a lot of seed.  You can tell by the viney mess I have here that I did not thin the many seeds that actually made a plant!  My thinking was that since we really, really like cucumbers, we should have lots of them.  I think my  neighbors will be grateful!

This has been the weekly garden update.  Joining Val at mental-chew.

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  1. Your entire garden appears to be exploring with wonderfulness! Mmm, peach salsa is super yummy!

  2. All my cukes are tiny as well - and they're pickling cukes, so I'm wondering if they will taste okay if I don't pickle them all? I mean, we like pickles, but how many can a family eat?


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