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6:00 AM

A cold front moved through Denver starting last Friday.   The temperatures dropped.  The highs were in the 70's!  It stormed Friday night.  It stormed again on Saturday.  And again on Sunday.  I left town Friday morning.  I came home Sunday afternoon.  So I missed the whole thing.  Kind of.  I'm loving the cooler weather.  We have our windows open and can feel the breeze and hear the rain.  I woke up Monday to a very nice rain storm.  I'm not sure how much rain we've gotten.  There is a lot of standing water on roadways and some huge mud puddles down the street from us.

My garden is loving it!  Every thing looks greener and bigger.  I'm sure things have shot up and inch or two since last week!

 These are my pickling cucumbers.  I've had to replant them three times already.  The first time I planted them, it got really hot and the poor little spouts got heat burned.  The second time I planted I planted them they got buried in a pile of wood chips.  This is the third time and I'm hoping it's a charm!
I'm not sure what this is.  I didn't write it down.  It's either a large jack-o-lantern pumpkin or it's a butternut squash.  It will be a surprise when the blossom produces some sort of fruit. 

Both of these plants are on the side of the driveway since there is no room for the big viney plants in the garden.  But don't the wood chips look good?  

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  1. Yes, the wood chips look great! We planted a bunch of seeds that did not make it, my husband did label them but then it RAINED. We could not read what they were :) It was fun trying to guess though.

  2. Your garden is looking fabulous! I'm very jealous though, my poor mother's garden has really been suffering from the heat this summer. I agree, the wood chips look great!

  3. It's cool here in New Hampshire as well, though not rainy. I love the feel of the air, so dry and lovely! It'll be fun to see what comes up from that pumpkin/squash looking plant!


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