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3:30 AM

It's Wednesday and we all know what that means!  It's time for the weekly Yarn Along.  Books and knitting.  Two of my favorite things.  I thought I would have gotten the Aviatrix finished this week.  We went to watch a bike rice (the USA Pro Cycling Challenge) on the top of Independence Pass.  It's a lot of sitting around waiting for the racers to whiz by in two seconds.  I didn't knit a thing.  Anyhoo, I'm pretty close.  I've got one more 12 row pattern to do and then the strap.  
I finished the last trashy novel.  Fifty Shades Freed.  It still wasn't stellar writing, but at least the story line improved from the first book.  I'm glad I read it though, it was a good escape.  I started reading Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter.  Very interesting read.  

We are leaving on MO night for vacation.  The last thing I want to do is run out of things to read with no access to a new book.  I've got a couple of books set aside that I can just leave on the airplane or in the hotel when I'm done with them.  

Happy Yarn Along Wednesday! 

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  1. I must be on of the few left who hasn't read the Fifty Shades of Grey books and hope to find time before the end of the year to at least read one so I know what all the buzz is about.
    Have a great time on your vacation.

  2. I don't blame you for not knitting during the race, they can be so exciting that I can never pay attention either. I love the color of your latest project, it is going to be very pretty! I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  3. Whenever I have a trip the first two things I plan to pack are reading materials and knitting projects. I would be lost without them!

  4. Have a happy and safe trip!

    I LOVED Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter! I hope you do, too.

  5. I'm craving some warm yarn like yours, now!
    Enjoy your holiday :o)


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