Pickled Beets

10:45 AM

Yesterday was a very busy day in the kitchen.  I hadn't planned on being home and when plans fell through I had an unexpected day free.  We made one large loaf and four mini loaves of zucchini bread, a casserole and pickled beets.  I had a small baseball bat size zucchini.  Corrine loves zucchini bread (actually she loves any kind of bread) so I made some for her and some for a friend.  And I still had some shredded zucchini left to freeze for later.

I made a buffalo chicken casserole.  A small one for us and a larger one for a friend.  Her husband was just in a very serious bike accident and has been in and out of the hospital all week.  She needs freezer meals for the next month or so while she cares for him.  This was our chance to give back.  When Corrine was in the NICU we had lots of donated freezer meals and this friend made a huge casserole for us.

The beets were ready.  Actually some were past ready.  Bryan and Corrine love pickled beets.  So I made pickled beets and some beet chips.  The beet chips didn't turn out great.  I didn't have a slicer so I hand sliced them and they were way to thick to bake.  Next time.

I got the recipe I used for the pickled beets from our 96 year old neighbor.  Bryan like the jar that he tried and it was a very easy recipe.

Cook beets until tender, skin and cut as desired.  Put in sterile jars.  For quart size jars put 1 tsp salt on top.  For pint size jar put 1/2 tsp on top.  Then pour the following mixture over the top: (I mixed in a bowl and then poured) 2 C water, 1 C vinegar and 1/2 C sugar.  Use a half and half mixture if a more vinegary taste is desired.  Seal jars in a boiling water bath.  That's it.   Easy Peasy.  Almost completely done in a nap time.
I sealed 7 jars, but made 8 and a half jars.  Bryan will eat the beets that are in the jar in the fridge for his lunches.

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  1. Your beets look so good. I wouldn't eat beets at all until about two years ago, now I eat them daily.

  2. I use to eat beets when my dad grew them in his garden. I do not believe I've had them pickled...yours look pretty and delicious!!

  3. I love days like that - unexpectedly getting loads done in the kitchen and put away for colder times. Perfect!

  4. You always post the yummiest looking goodies, congrats on the productive growing season!


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