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7:09 AM

Wow.  It's Wednesday already.  That means it's time for the weekly Yarn Along.  I'm joining Ginny and others for the book and yarn update.  This week did not involve a whole lot of knitting.  I worked a little on my Log Cabin blanket.  I know I've said that before, but I'm really close to finishing.  Two more color blocks and a row or two of border and it's done!

On Saturday I went with a friend to Fancy Tiger.  It's like Mecca for the crafter!  One whole wall was yarn.  The other wall was beautiful fabric.  They offer classes and while we were there was a kids learn to knit class.  There was about 7 girls around the age of 10 learning to knit.  How fun!  Anyhoo, I went to this store with my friend with yarn for my new project in mind.  I did find a great color, but they didn't have enough of it.  I could have ordered it there, but decided to support my local lady and so I ordered it through her.  That's not to say I didn't buy any yarn.  How could I not in this wonderful store?

I bought some Madelinetosh Prairie in Tomato.  My plan is to cast on a Citron.  Karen has made several and they are gorgeous.  I have a vintage orange wool coat that this scarf will look fabulous with (if I get it finished during wool coat wearing season).

On the book front, I'm reading Code Talker by Chester Nez.  It's about the Navajo code talkers during World War II.  The book starts out with his growing up on the Checkerboard area by the Navajo Reservation.  He attends boarding school where they teach in English only trying to erase any sense of their Navajo self.  It helped him become a Marine after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor because the Marines needed Navajos that spoke both the Navajo language and English.  I've just finished the part where they took the victory at Guadalcanal.  Fascinating reading.  But I really like World War II books.

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  1. Oh my! I have yarn envy!!!!! That is a gorgeous saturated color and it would look great on me. You are going to love the Citron :)

  2. Oh for goodness sake, that yarn is delicious! Karen has me itching to cast on a Citron too. So many wonderful knits out there.
    Enjoy the snow, you luck woman you!

  3. I have some of that yarn, although in a different colorway. It's just lovely! What an interesting book. I watched a movie on it once, but the book is usually better. ;)

  4. Oh what a beautiful color choice you got for Citron!!! Karen has me wanting to make on too I just need to find the right yarn (and the time!) to make one. So many projects I want to make not enough time!!

    1. I know. I'm so close to finishing my log cabin blanket but I really want to cast on the citron.

  5. I love that yarn color - and its name! Gorgeous. And high five for reading WWII books! :) This one looks really good too!

  6. That store looks amazing! The yarn you picked out should suit that pattern perfectly too! How is your pain today? I really hope you are feeling much better today!

  7. It was an amazing store. Thanks for asking about my shoulder. PT didn't go too well today. More pain though, less torture.

  8. Ooh that tomato yarn is gorgeous!

  9. That Tomato yarn is gorgeous, sounds like an awesome shop too!! That book sounds fascinating, might see if I can reserve it ;)

  10. I've heard of that place...it's famous like The Purl Bee. That yarn is going to be a fabulous citron. I think Karen has a lot to do with the popularity of that pattern...her's are gorgeous.


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