Charity of the Month for March

6:00 AM

One of the things we learned in our Financial Peace University class was to give money to charity.  If we start small now, when we are out of debt, it will be easier to give more generously.  I had planned to donate for March to the local Public Television.   Nothing is ever set in stone.

On March 18th there was a small plane crash in the eastern part of Denver.  As it turned out it was one of our pilots in his new airplane.  He was a very experience pilot with more than 25,000 hours in the flight deck.  He had owned this particular airplane for less than two weeks.  Currently there is no news on what caused the crash (pilot error or mechanical?).  I had flown with him many times over my years as a flight attendant and would trust him with my life.  He left behind two grown sons and his girl friend was one of our flight attendants.

I have worked with her only a couple of times and she is the sweetest person.  She has gone through any tragedies in her life.  She lost a child (although I don't know any of those details) and now her boyfriend has died in a tragic accident.  Another co-worker set up a fund for her so she can take time off and grieve.  That way she doesn't have to worry about how she will pay her bills.  I logged in last week to make my donation.  I am in awe at the generosity of my co-workers.  They are just shy of their $10,000 goal.  It truly is a family that I work with.  

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  1. This is inspiring - the generosity of you and her coworker's will never be forgotten by her. I can't imagine what she must be feeling, but she will truly never forget your kindness.

  2. such sadness and yet the community brings a tiny bit of joy by coming together. I loved that you shared this story, makes me a believer in people.


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