Fingerless Mitts Completed!!!

7:16 PM

I finished my fingerless mitts on Saturday night  This was the kit that Bryan bought for me while we were in Japan.  The directions are all in Japanese (shocking, I know).  I was able to translate some of the directions, like needle size and cables.  There is still a lot of the directions that remain a mystery.  Luckily the pattern is also charted and it was very easy to follow.  There are some great websites that show translations of Japanese knitting symbols to English.

The website I found that had a lot of translations also had a needle chart.  From what I understood, the needle size converted to a US 11.  That was too big (and it is possible that I didn't convert right) so I went down to a size 9 which worked much better.  I probably could have gone down to a size 8 and it would have been just fine.  They are a little slouchy on my wrists which I actually really like.

The right mitt I seamed up and tried on as soon as I finished knitting it.  I should have sewn the little eye beads on first.  It was much easier on the left mitt.  That is why the beads look a little funky on the right mitt.  I plan on using this pattern again.  I think the mitts are very cute and would make a great gift at the holidays.

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  1. Yes these would defiitely make a good gift come holiday time. My mother would love them!

  2. They are great Jen. And just think, now you can knit in two languages ;)

  3. Oh my gosh those are adorable Jen! I just love owls. I have some yarn that might work great for those. Hmmm.... I'm thinking Christmas gift knitting too. Enjoy your week!

  4. I love your mitts and they nearly match my gloves in color! Well done and now you have something new to wear when the cold weather returns :)

  5. Its really frustrating when the directions are in some language which we can't understand.

  6. Hi came over from Small Things blog, very cute mitts!!!

  7. These are great! I've made myself a couple of jumpers with owls on and now I want to put owls on everything :)

  8. Lovely mitts, and I really like that coral colour. You're right - I think anyone would be thrilled to find a pair in their stocking :)

  9. I love these! :) So amazing you were able to do it out of a Japanese book!
    You make me want to knit again, but I think I have to re-learn it, the last time I did it was about 25 years ago ;)


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